Faith in Pilates offers a results-oriented Pilates and Fitness service targeting women in their late 20s to 30s, who want a good birth, recover well, and stay active for their kids and be in a good state to ace their 40s. However, they don't want to work out in big commercial gyms or studios and feel intimidated or bad about not being able to do certain exercises. Frankly, they don't have the time either.

Faith in Pilates offers virtual and in-person private Pilates that will see a woman from her pre-natal days to post-natal rehabilitation; get tone and lean through a combination of Cardio and Sculpt Pilates to maintain fitness and strength so she can tackle the multitude of daily challenges with confidence and energy.

If you are not a mother, think of this as pre-hab. The sessions will teach you to exercise effectively and safely to prevent injuries to your pelvic floor. P/S: Diastasis Recti or ab separation does not only happen due to pregnancy or childbirth, but mainly stems from wrong exercise techniques which strain the abdominal muscles. 

So if this speaks to you, get in touch to find out more.



Move, live, feel better

Choose from pelvic floor strengthening core work to cardio pumping Pilates for a well-rounded workout


Back by popular demand! A virtual 50-min pop-up Pilates group class to get those core muscles fired up again. 

S$20/£11 per pax

1pm UK/8pm SG

5 May: Pilates with small ball + resistance band 



Results-oriented Pilates by the renowned The Center for Women's Fitness to prepare the body effectively for birth and postpartum recovery, including issues such as Diastasis Recti and incontinence.

S$60/£33 per hr

5 sessions: S$275/£151 

10 sessions: S$500/£275  

Bridge Pose


Get a personalised Pilates workout tailored just for you and your body type. You will gain strength, shape up and most importantly, learn the proper exercise techniques to prevent injuries and enhance your fitness performance.

S$60/£33 per hr

5 sessions: S$275/£151 

10 sessions: S$500/£275  

Yoga Class


Thank you for supporting the sold-out classes on 2 Jan! Watch this space for future pop-up reformer classes.

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Faith is a Singapore-born, London-based certified STOTT PILATES® instructor (Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels). She is also specialised in Pre-/Post-Natal Pilates, Diastasis Recti Recovery, and Pilates for Menopause. Besides Pilates, she is also certified as a Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  

Her interest in Pre-/Post-natal fitness was inspired by the amazing women she met at her corporate day job as a business development manager. Her boss has 5 kids, and kept running during and after her pregnancies. That was contrary to what Faith knew growing up, where women were relatively sedentary throughout their pregnancies and resigned to their post-partum body issues such as incontinence, weak abdominal muscles etc. If Faith was to become a mum, she wanted to be a fit and active one.  

In addition, in her previous Pilates studio in Singapore, her clients were mainly women in their 40s-50s who came with pains, aches, and weight issues that they carried with them for years before finally seeking help. They decided that now that their kids are older, they can prioritise self-care. Hence, Faith has made it her mission to help women a decade earlier so they don’t have to live through these pains.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Faith also founded #Pilates4Fund, a social initiative to raise funds for COVID-19 causes through Pilates. The initiative has raised more than S$3,000 (£1,700) for various beneficiaries including Society of St Vincent de Paul Singapore, migrant NGO itsrainingraincoats, food bank Food From the Heart and the NHS Charities.



Hear it from the Faith in Pilates community!


Faith is fantastic! I hadn’t done Pilates throughout the pandemic and I was very nervous about coming back, and also with a new teacher. But Faith was amazing and listened to me and went at my pace. I soon progressed from beginner to intermediate level. Faith is very patient and relaxed, and her classes are always enjoyable!

Angela C